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Creative and free: litera.tools

Welcome at litera.tools, the free platform for authors and creatives. Here you find open source solutions that help you with being an author in the online world – working on text documents online (docs or "pads"), live streaming, event organization for e.g. your readings. And all of it with only one single login.

Ready for You

Tutorial in Arbeit …

Currently in Progress

Spontane Videokonferenzen

Jitsi is an open source video conference software. And yes, we know, 2020 let us all have lots of these. But let's be honest: It's practical. An with the connected live streaming it becomes a one-click-solution for your online readings and other live streams.

Schedule Appointments & Make Surveys

With Framadate you can schedule appointments & make surveys. Everything without tracking or profiling of who is participating with which email address and their interests, usual groups and so on. Your data is yours.

We want to change the literary world and give you tools that really help you to master the digital challenges while leaving you in command of your data. Please tell us, what you are missing and we'll do our best, making it possible here on litera.tools.

If enough people ask for it, there might even be WriteFreely-Blogs … 😉

Why OpenSource and Free Alternatives?

Open source means freedom – from centralized platforms that are able to close down out fan sites and from algorithms that narrow down what we see in our timelines. Behind open source software there are real people and communities who are working together to make the software better. That's making it more resistant against exploitative business models.

Who is behind this?

litera.tools is a community project by Klaudia Zotzmann-Koch (ViennaWriter) and Clemens Hopfer (Datacop). We use lots of open source softwares ourselves and want to give something back into the community. Also, we want to draw attention to the possibilities that already exist but are little-known by the broad public. So we decided to provide a low-threshold access for creatives, who are even more dependent of digital platforms than the rest of us.

Totally free?

We want authors and creatives to be able to use litera.tools – technically and also financially. Therefore we provide free access to the platform with the possibility that people may support us, if they want. In case, out little project grows and we need to buy new hardware or our free time is no longer enough to get the project going, we thought about charging a small fee for business use of the services. But that will always stay affordable, even for small-business creatives. Promise.

Support-Link: bunq.me/literatools

We are looking forward to seeing you!